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iLancer is a globally job portal for people seeking jobs and employers. We connect employers and job seekers globally from across the countries and every day connect with millions of people to new opportunities. iLancer is changing the way people work and we help them to grow opportunities and live performance with the latest technology.

How it's work for Clients

Post a Project

Having the best plan is the most important strategy for completing a project. You can find all work items and partners related to your services or product. Once you have to register in the iLancer platform and post-project, you want to complete your project with a good freelancer and companies.You need to fill job post asked requirements price, descriptions, time zone, and payment method. That is dependent on your post project complex or big project. iLancer helps to find out the easy process of getting started, when you post a project on it millions of people review the project and you can easily find the talented.

Choose the perfect freelancer

Over time freelancers are increasing, everyone wants to associate their business with the freelancer and can do their work in the whole world sitting at home. Under this, it becomes difficult to identify the freelancer, if you deal face to face, then you can easily find out about it and when you aren’t working face-to-face then find it difficult. It is a short process to easily find a good freelancer for your project complete. Who would be potentially good? you can find from these facts might include: How many experiences related work? What is other clients' feedback? How many take time to complete work? How many skilled about the projects? and what's the price of their skilled?

Pay when you are satisfied!

You have to establish a billing method in your account before making payment. iLancer offer to various types of billing method such as Credit card, Visa, Maestro card, American Express, Etc
Direct bank account Verified paypal account If you are satisfied with the work you have given, then you can pay the service provider with the above method. You can pay various options according to project hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. iLancer takes full protection and high-level security for every transaction, such as for an hourly project, for a fixed-price project, and you can get money back through the iLancer refund policy, giving the relevant issue And the servicers provide the refund amount without any basic request.

How it's work for Freelancer or Agency

Get A Project

Want to get started working on iLancer? iLancer allows employers to work online and offline worldwide with different categories. iLancer offers agencies and freelancers special opportunities to get started work with us free or premium that is based on you. For this, you should make a list of all your skills and from that, you can do the best work, make that skill your Niche. Before choosing Niche, also do research on how likely it is to find work in this Niche. Simply process... Click on Sign up on iLancer ( Register is free ), fill all recommendations will be asked from you, and done, Choose your account type, and last verified your account via email or number. Once an employee or freelancer completes all inquiries after you can find your project in which you are interested, you can contact a client with the submitted proposal and win the project of posted client project.

Get Work with dedication

The build profile win is the most important part of the project and becoming a successful agency on iLancer. iLancer allows the design to be differentiated with a particular agency, specifically for the agency or freelancer that helps to introduce better employees. Before starting work, make sure you have client terms of project scope, payment, and deadlines that will help with no problems along the way. Before starting the project, you should be clear and be calm and focused in the given project. Once you are successful in projecting and influencing your customer within time and budget. They respond to you with a rating of the work they have done which helps to build a profile for more opportunities to win the project. In the company profile, you can add a company logo, name, tag-line, cover image, review, description and appropriate relevant message.

Get Payment when Client are satisfied

When you complete client work, you are able to take your payments, iLancer has a variety of paid income methods depending on your project such as hourly projects and fixed projects. If you want to earn money, then firstly set up the payment method in iLancer. Please read your account number and other details carefully, it is your responsibility. iLancer allows you to change the payment schedule according to your requirement and withdraw money at any time. iLancer offers various ways to earn money withdraw such as Direct Bank, PayPal, M-Pesa and many other third-party payment vendors.

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