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What is the difference between employee and employer?

Employees and employers are involved in the exchange of service. In simple words, two people give and take a product or service.

Employers such as a company or organization that provide service or product to the employee and any person hire service from the employer, for which the employee has to pay. There are several types of employers such as individual, small or large business, government entity, any professional service agency, wholesaler or retailer, and non-profit organization. Both the employer and the employee must agree to exchange any product, as per company or organization policy. In policy included more legally outlines, salary, wages, and many other important rules.

An employee is an individual or organization that work full time or part-time according to requirements and receive compensation for the services. An employee hired for a specific service, in return for which the employer has to pay some profit to the employee, and in freelancing, the employee pays for the specific service which he has worked. It can be weeks to months.

Difference between Employee and Employer

Cash Flow – We know very well, the income of one person expense for another” it’s called cash flow system. In business, one-sided employer salary or expenses deducted from income which makes for employee income.

Objective – Both parties have different goals for the existence of that relationship. The employer wants to improve our business productivity or earning by hiring an employee and assign the project to reach a specific target.
And, on the other hand, the employee wants a job for which he is provided with the services required by the company or organization in return for a salary.

Roles and Responsibilities – The role of the employer is to provide complete protection to the working employee and help in any way. Under which the employer can fulfill its purpose. The employer gives a lot of facilities to the employee like salary, health care, wages, and safety.
On the other hand, the responsibility of the employee is that he is obliged to complete the work assigned by the employer. Employee served to the employer with loyalty, and during the time.

Authority – The employee has less authority according to the employer. The employer can control the employee activities that the employee does, and assign rules and regulation by the employer. According to these policies, employers can report on employees.
However, the employee does not have more authority. They can control only low-level employee, that has been terminated if employees break rules and business policy.

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